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Dynatek Coil Kit


Dyna Coil Kits is now offering our high output Mini Coils in a model specific kit with the necessary mounting hardware, wiring adapters and spark plug wire(s) for popular ATV applications. These kits take the hassle out of having to fabricate custom mounts for our coils.
Price: $125.00

Dynatek Non-Programmable Ignition


 Dynatek FS Fuel and Ignition Modules

We now offer the Dyna FS in a Fuel and Ignition controller. This new edition now combines both fuel and ignition tuning into one device and comes equipped with factory connectors for easy installation.
New Fuel and Igntion Module Features
PC programmable fuel & ignition maps
2 position map switching function
Gear position input
Analog input for 0-5 volt input for boost mapping
Individual cylinder mapping
-100/+250% fuel adjustment range
Can use Power Commander maps
Self Tuning with the DynaTune autotune kit.
Price: $175.00

Dynatek Programmable Curve Maker Software


Programming kit for the Dynatek Programmable ignitions. Now all units come with a USB port connection.
Price: $89.99

Dynatek Programmable Ignition


 Product Overview I :Programmable FS Ignitions for Quads

The Dyna FS for quads is our hottest new product this year. Direct Plug in Performance. As used by winning pro racers worldwide. Now available to you! Available with features that will let you customize your quad, and make it the trickest, fastest, baddest one around.
Programmable Ignition Features
Programmable Timing Curves (4)
Programmable Rev Limits
Increased Spark Energy
Improved Throttle Response
Easier Starting
Programmable RPM Activated Outputs(2) (Can be used for Nitrous Activation, Shift Light, Auto Shifter, or Boost Control)
Tach Output*
Launch Limiter*
Data logging*
Shift Kill Interrupt*(Allows clutchless shifting)
External Curve Selector Switch
Plug-In Module Replacement (Easy Mounting)
* Not available on all models, check this Features Chart for exact options by model
Price: $269.00

ProCom CDI Rev Box


ProCom CDI rev boxes increase the rev limit on your ATV 1000rpm. Most models also include an aggresive timing curve to give you more HP!
Price: $99.00



1. We redesigned & built the best advanced timing curves in the ECU. 2. Additional 1,000 RPMs over stock ECU. 3. EFI contains 9 adjustable settings allowing users to richen or lean up to 20% making it easier to gain maximum performance
Price: $189.00

ProCom Magic Power Box


This Magic Power Box suits any ATV, Motorcycles, Watercraft, Snowmobile with electric start! It is very easy to install, just attach the leads to your battery mounts. Major Features: Increase horse power throughout the entire rpm range Increase torque Increase throttle response Increase spark energy Improve fuel efficiency Easier start-runs cleaner Less spark plug fouling Brighter headlights Longer battery life Reduce the radio noise
Price: $95.00

Rev Box


Get the most out of your engine with the Advantage Performance Rev-Box. Each Rev-Box improves the stock ignition advance for improved bottom and mid-range performance. Additionally, the rev limit is raised between 750-1000 rpm based on the engine's requirements.
Price: $119.00