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Douglas Wheels Champion in a Box



  • 2 Roc-Out Front Wheels
  • 2 G2 Rear Beadlock Wheels
  • 2 Wheel Mud Covers
  • 1 Hat

Notes:  IR= Integral Ring

              IB= Integral Beadlock

              DBL= Double 

Price: $359.00

Holeshot ATR


# This revolutionary new tire is the first to be designed specifically for sport-utility ATV applications that combines legendary Holeshot performance with all the benefits of radial tire design. # The result is an amazingly smooth ride quality due to more flexible sidewalls, increased traction over variable trail conditions because of its larger contact patch (a radial tire's footprint actually grows under load) and better cornering characteristics thanks to a lower profile than similarly-sized bias-ply tires. # The Holeshot ATR is extremely durable too, with its tough 6-ply rating, patented Rim Guard and long-lasting tread compound. # Finally, famed Holeshot performance and technology are available to utility ATV owners

Price: $109.00

Holeshot MXR4/ MXR6


* An excellent handling sport tire used by many top racers. * Features stiffened knob and carcass designed specifically to handle the torque of today's big four strokes. * The 19" is the ultimate setup for rougher, sandier tracks. * 2-ply rating.

Price: $75.00

ITP Holeshot


* One of the most-copied ATV tires ever—often imitated, never duplicated! Don’t settle for less than the original. * Patented split-knob design make this one of the best-performing knobbies around. * Features special Rim Guard to protect wheel and help prevent air loss. * Extremely puncture resistant thanks to heavier-duty sidewall. * 2-ply rating.

Price: $69.00

ITP Holeshot GNCC


* The Holeshot GNCC tire was designed and developed for today's long-travel, high-performance quads. The Holeshot GNCC offers exceptional overall capabilities, with an emphasis on reducing rider fatigue and lowering lap times. * Great handling and traction are complemented by a super-tough 6-ply carcass that can easily deal with all the tight trees, rocks, roots and ruts found on a typical GNCC race course. * The front GNCC tire has a more rounded profile and angled knob pattern making the tire lighter and easier to steer. * The rear GNCC tire has a more open tread and split-knob design to provide exceptional straight-line grip, balanced cornering and unbeatable clean-out.

Price: $95.00

ITP Holeshot HD


* The roughest, toughest Holeshot tire ever with unmatched performance and durability. * New stepped shoulder knob design offers an additional degree of side bite and rut control. * 6 ply construction to handle the most extreme trail conditions possible.

Price: $119.00

ITP Holeshot SR


* The Holeshot SR is a trail tire that combines legendary Holeshot performance with all the benefits of radial tire design. * Offers a much more comfortable ride and exceptional traction over a wide variety of terrain conditions. This reduces rider fatigue while at the same time enhances overall control and rider confidence. * The Holeshot SR's dual-siped knobs offer unmatched acceleration on intermediate to hard-packed surfaces. * Widely spaced knobs also slide and brake predictably, and provide excellent self-cleaning capabilities on loose surfaces. * 4-ply rating.

Price: $75.00

ITP Holeshot SX


* The Holeshot SX has been carefully designed and painstakingly developed to dominate on hard-packed motocross tracks. * The Holeshot SX also incorporates a tighter knob pattern and sipped knobs for an increased contact area improving steering response as well as braking control in hard pack conditions. * The new rubber compound helps to keep the knob edges sharper longer, while the reinforced carcass also magnifies cornering precision. * A secondary benefit of this new carcass design is that it allows for lower tire pressures than in the past, enhancing ride comfort as well as steering traction. * 2-ply rating.

Price: $86.00

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