MSD Blaster Ignition Coil


PLEASE NOTE ALL MSD Controllers from TQS are now coming Premapped.  This is a custom service we offer free.  Use Tune 8 to utitlize the map we have loaded.  

Removes Forward Speed Limiter

+5 More Horsepower over stock!

Comes Pre-Programmed with 10 externally adjustable settings for stock to modified machines

Includes full programming kit

Raises rev limiter (programmable up to 13,000 rpm)

Fully Programmable for times curves, fuel maps and rev limits

You can also connect to your PC and map your own fuel and ignition curves to meet your performance needs, including top-end gains, off-corner acceleration and overall power. More importantly, you can modify the curves to match your machine’s performance levels. User-friendly Windows-based MSD View Software is included and let’s you track your quad’s real-time data.

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Custom Timing Curve *

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